Seva in America

Seva programs and activities are conducted in accordance with the the Certificate of Incorporation of VHPA. As a recognized non-profit organization, we hold tax-exemption status through the Internal revenue service under 26 U.S.C. 501(C)(3). Seva accounts for funds in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and is audited by independent certified public accountant. Seva Program is in compliance with all requirements of law and regulations concerning nondiscrimination and equal opportunity with respect to its board, management, funding sources and provision of program services.


Currently, the following programs are offered under the general categories of:

Relief Works – Assistance for major disasters
Emergency Support for Critical Care
Support to Health facilities & Hospitals
Sponsorship of Health Camps

Educational Grants, Scholarships & Training
Support to educational institutions
Community Development Projects
Support to Social Service Organizations

Support to Cultural & Religious Centers


  • Human welfare Fund
  • Critical Care Fund
  • Relief Fund
  • Social Services Fund
  • Excellence through Education Fund
  • Cultural Heritage Fund
  • Your designated trust fund

Performed by Chapters

  • Adopt a highway (Florida)
  • Blood donation and bone marrow registry via Mandirs, HMEC events
  • Soup Kitchen help
  • Bhutanese Refugees (Hindus)
  • Support for Hindu Family in distress
  • Raised $ 3501 for a family in Orlando to take her husband to Bharat under the supervision of the medical staff.
  • Sports events for fund raising  for projects (e.g. SAC)

National Office (2013)

  • Disaster relief
    • Hurricane Sandy 2012- $ 15000 distributed to 28 families in Staten Island, NY
    • Oklahoma Tornado- Raised funds for the victims and sent to the Governor of Oklahoma
    • Tsunami in Japan
  • Support for Book Projects
    • Vivah Book Printing /Shipping – Donated $1,450
    • India Unveiled: Donated $3,500 to Atman Press

Planned Future Activities

  • Chapters work with local mandirs to perform seva (Each chapter to have  Seva coordinator(s)
  • Local  community seva (e.g.  Funds for firefighters, troops)
  • Joint events with local organizations/mandirs (organize lectures – e.g. health seminars, medical camps, retirement seminars, Spiritual programs , Balvihars)
  • Expand soup kitchen seva and adopt a highway and programs for the disadvantaged at each chapter
  • Chapters to get involved with local/state government officials and built rapport
  • Helps receive funds for the programs (Need expert person who has knowledge of state funding for the needy)
  • Seek Federal funds for targeted seva programs  (e.g. taking  care of seniors, education of children)
  • Organize Hindu Unity /Hindu heritage day – collect contact information of attendees
  • Raffles at events to get new contacts for potential memberships
  • Connect with local mandirs and organize seva programs
  • Collaborate with other Hindu organizations (e.g. HSS, HAF, HSC, Mandirs) for specific  seva programs

Opportunities for Volunteering

  • Certificates for volunteering efforts to youth that helps them in college admissions
  • Give responsibility, visibility and recognition to new and youth volunteers
  • Summer internship program for students

Below is a partial list of the causes to which VHPA has donated in the past:

  • Donor Specified: Donor can specify a bonafide charitable cause.
  • ASHRAYA-Bhutanese Resettlement Project:Support for Bhutanese Empowerment.
  • VHPA Selected Activities: Most needed purposes selected by Executive Board of VHPA.
  • Disaster Relief – USA, Worldwide: Support during disasters in USA or elsewhere.
  • Seva – USA, Worldwide: Service to soup kitchens, shelters, families.
  • Youth Activities: Youth Camps, Bal- Vihars etc. for next generation of Hindus in Americas.
  • Mandir Coordination: To coordinate and assist Hindu Temples in USA in their mission of supporting Hindu Dharma