VHPA Executive Board

Executive Board (EB) – This is composed of all the Corporate Officers. The term “Corporate Officer” refers to the following office bearers of the Governing Council:  President, Vice  President, General Secretary, Joint General Secretary, Treasurer, Organizing Secretary and such other officers as may be created by the Governing Council to handle the administrative needs.
The charter of this group is to attend to the day-to-day operations of the Parishad, within the guidelines and directions set by the GC.

Executive Board – Officer Bearers
President Abhaya Asthana
Past-President Jyotish Parekh
General Secretary Sanjay Mehta
Treasurer Vasav Mehta
Organizing Secretary Sanjay Kaul
Seva Umesh Shukla
Girish Gandhi
SAC Renu Gupta
Publications Shyam Tiwari
PR & Media Utsav Chakrabarty
Vijay Narang
Finance Vimal Sodhani
Membership Dhaval Joshipura
HMEC Vipul Patel
HMPC Sant Gupta
HAVAN (Vanprasthi Network) Kumar Dave
Yogesh Naik
Arvind Patel
HWN (Hindu Women’s Network) Kusum Khurana
CHY (Coalition of Hindu Youth) Samir Asthana
Keya Bhatt
Webmaster Srinivas Bolisetty