VHPA Executive Board

Executive Board (EB) – This is composed of all the Corporate Officers. The term “Corporate Officer” refers to the following office bearers of the Governing Council:  President, Vice  President, General Secretary, Joint General Secretary, Treasurer, Organizing Secretary and such other officers as may be created by the Governing Council to handle the administrative needs.
The charter of this group is to attend to the day-to-day operations of the Parishad, within the guidelines and directions set by the GC.

Name Title
1 Ajay Shah President
2 Amitabh Mittal General Secretary
3 Tejal Shah Jt. General Secretary
4 Renu Gupta Vice President Support A Child
5 Sanjay Kaul VP Hindu Diaspora Outreach
6 Shyam Tiwari VP Publications
7 Vasav Mehta National Treasurer
8 Toral Mehta Jt. General Secretary
9 Jai Bansal VP Education
10 Rakhi Israni Legal Counsel

Extended EB with Special Invitees

Name Title
1 Anit Gupta Assistant Treasurer
2 Dhaval Joshipura VP Membership
3 Jayesh Mehta Treasurer VHPA
4 Sneha Mehta
5 Sanjay Shah Director of Financial Planning
6 Jayant Daftardar Director, Seva / Fundraiser
7 Makarand Abhyankar Org Sec Organizational Growth (Chapter Relations)
8 Manju Tiwari National Bal Vihar Network