Bal Vihars

What’s in a Bal Vihar?

The Bal Vihar provides an opportunity for our children to discover their cultural bond with Bharat and develop pride in their Hindu identity.
It is open to children 4 years and above
The Bal Vihar is a weekly 2-3 hours program (or bi-weekly depending on the local needs).

  • Our Bal vihars are balanced in their approach: physical, intellectual and spiritual.
  • There is a balance of games, yoga and other physical activities along with challenging intellectual activities.
  • Develop volunteer spirit in the children
  • Encourage them to think about the society
  • Help identify and develop leadership qualities in the youth
  • Stress on the fundamental concept of universal connectedness and a sense of belonging to the global Hindu society.In a Bal Vihar the activities are balanced.
  • The goal is to encourage character building activities that will lay the foundations for developing future workers and leaders for the Hindu community in Americas.

Sample Agenda for Bal Vihar

7:00 pm Dakshaaram, Dhwaja Pranam, Prayer
7:05 pm Surya Namskar
7:10 pm Yoga
7:15 pm Outdoor, Indoor, Intellectual Games
7:35 pm Shloka, Onkar, Dhyan
7:40 pm Geet, Bhajan
7:45 pm Hindi Class [ or Art/Craft, or Festival ] 8:15 pm Story
8:25 pm Dakshaaram, Prarthana

Balavihar 2017-18 at Atlanta


Manju Tiwari:; 770-962-2669
Shivaram Sitaram:; 301-602-5482
Jaya Asthana:; 508-875-0432