Seva Programs Projects

Seva Projects

•Seva in the USA (Karma Bhoomi)
•Seva in Bharat (Matru Bhoomi)*
•Seva to Rest of the World (Outside USA and Bharat- Compassion for Everyone (e.g. Disaster Relief)

*Support a child program managed separately

The programs and projects are defined by the local community needs within the broad framework of the Parishad mission.

Since its formation VHPA has intitated many projects. A few examples include:

  • Hindu Student Council:  It was started in 1990 as the youth wing of VHPA functioning in 70 universities and colleges in the USA. It was spun off as an independent youth organization in 2003. HSC offers the Hindu youth a forum to discuss and learn about Hindu Dharma, history, culture and methods to manage the challenges they face as Hindu youth in America.
  • Support-A-Child: The Indian American Hindus support the education of children in India by contributing $250.00 per child per year. There are over 1000 boys and girls under this program.
  • Ekal Vidyalaya (One Teacher School): To open “One Teacher School” in every one of the 133,913 villages with tribal-poor population of 70 million in remote parts of India. There are over 50,000 such schools are functioning. The cost of sponsoring one such school is $365.00 per year. Ekal was also spun off as an independent project.
  • Publications: Hindu Vishwa, Souvenirs, Curriculum-books for the education and other resource material as needed.
  • Bal Vihars,Youth Camps and Conferences: They offer opportunity and forum to learn about Hindu religion, culture and heritage.
  • Emporium: It is resource for authentic Hindu books, deity pictures and the items for performing rituals.
  • Hindu Calendar: It provides Hindu festival dates and is also a resource for spiritual knowledge.
  • Chaitanya Bharati: It is a “theme” oriented annual publication, which provides the insight of Hindu Dharma, culture, history and heritage of Punya Bhoomi Bharata.
  • Emergency Seva Programs: VHP of America undertakes the programs to galvanize efforts to muster resources to help people under distress as result of Nature’s calamities. The typical examples are the cyclone in Orissa and earthquakes of Uttara Kaashi in Uttara Pradesh, of Latoora in Maharashtra and the recent one in Gujarat.

Ramayana and Mahabharata skits preformed by students in schools of Uttrakhand

Promoting Hindu Culture and Values among school children in Uttrakhand – Ramayana and Mahabharata skits