Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America

Dr. Mahesh Mehta and Overseas Friends of BJP-USA

Overseas Friends of BJP-USA pays heartfelt tributes to Mananeeya Dr. Mahesh Mehta ji endearingly known as Ma. Mahesh ji. He is well known for his work in fostering many Hindu organizations, and facilitating and initiating discussions pertained to Hindu philosophy, ideology, and other socio-cultural topics. He mentored so many individuals, groups, and organizations. He was an institution by himself and I am one of the fortunate peoples to work with him closely. I take this opportunity to briefly discuss about his contribution to the purpose and growth of the Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) in USA.

OFBJP existence in USA could be categorized as Pre and Post Mahesh ji. I came into direct touch with Mahesh ji during 2005 regarding OFBJP organizational matters. I was General Secretary at that time and organizational disputes had been simmering. Mahesh ji was entrusted with resolving organizational issues by elder’s council and late Ma. Kidaranth Sahani ji who was the Global coordinator of OFBJP. Slowly but steadily Mahesh ji and I could work together, understand each other as I was instructed with drafting a new constitution for OFBJP.

By early 2008, I accepted him as my mentor, guide, and a friend. We used to have innumerable discussions on Hindu philosophy including his favorite topic “Atman” vs “Atma” apart from mundane organizational matters. When he was appointed as the US coordinator of OFBJP in 2008 by Ma. Kidarnath ji and Ma. Rajnath Singh ji, then President of BJP, immediately after the organizational general election he gave a new direction and purpose to the organization. Late Shri Suresh Jani was elected as President and I was elected as the Vice President and President Elect.

He encouraged and guided us to reach out to the lawmakers, thinktanks, conduct webinars and seminars, run a monthly newsletter, write articles in newspapers, and draft reports on topics of interest. I vividly remember that in 2010, during OFBJP national Convention in Washing DC area, he guided us to conduct several seminars and, the delegates headed by Dr. Dinesh Agrawal, Past President of OFBJP made a presentation and a resolution, “Mission 2014-BJP 272+”.

He asked me to author a report on strategies and make recommendations for BJP for 2014 general election. As I assumed responsibilities as the President in 2010, Mahesh ji took me to Gandhinagar in 2011 to meet Ma. Narendra Modi ji, then Chief Minister of Gujarat and presented the report. I am proud to say that OFBJP report title, “Mission 2014-BJP 272+” was adopted by BJP as its election mission statement. I specially thank Dr. Dinesh Agrawal ji and Ma. Mahesh ji.

Mahesh ji was a visionary and a karma yogi. I saw youngsters working for him on his projects in Gujarat and elsewhere. He nurtured so many youngsters including my own daughter. We became family friends and visited each other’s home for few times. He was a fatherly figure to me, and I feel sad that I cannot see him again. However, I am fortunate to know and work with such a great person and the times I spent with him will remain forever in my heart. He will guide me in my work towards society, causes of India, and in supporting US-India strategic initiatives and friendship.

A Mentor, Guide, Friend, and Coordinator Dr. Adapa Prasad is the president of Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP), USA.