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Appeal for the support of family of Shri. Ravi Joshi


It is with deep sadness the VHPA brings you the untimely news that our dear friend Ravi Joshi passed away on Sunday morning 23rd June, 2019 in Toledo, OH. Following a cardiac arrest, he left his paanch-bhautik shareera at the young age of 52. We, the Hindu American community, are deeply and immensely saddened by the news of Ravi’s sudden departure.

We so vividly remember his smiling face and his ever-ready-to-help nature. It was truly an honor for us to have him as a friend and partner in HMEC, a movement that he helped shape since its early years; and many other projects including the WAVES conference that he steered successfully for a few years. It was his foresight and insistence that we explore the possibility of HMEC working with WAVES.

Ravi was a scholar and a strategic thinker. We had the good fortune of learning from him and working with him over the years. He was always thinking of the good of the Hindu community. His insightful writings will be remembered by all of us. He was quiet and soft spoken but had rare clarity of thought and unwavering commitment to the cause of Hindu Dharma. An inspiration to all with whom he came in contact with, always willing to give a helping hand, a team player and a leader who took his mission to defend and promote Sanatana Dharma at every opportunity.

Ravi was deeply involved in the programs and operations at the Hindu Temple in Toledo, OH.

He is survived by his wife, Supriya, and daughter Shaila. VHPA and HMEC appeals to you to generously make donations to support Ravi’s family in their moment of deep grief and need.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shantih.

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Abhaya Asthana, Sanjay Mehta, Sant Gupta

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