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Appeal for New Delhi Riot Victims

Timely help needed for victims’ families

Appeal for Anti CAA Delhi Riot victims


By now, you would have read about the gory details of the New Delhi riots. Since the persecuted minority refugees citizenship act (CCA) was passed, there have been well-planned disturbances in many parts of India and specifically in New Delhi. During the visit of President Trump to India, the forces that were fermenting troubles in New Delhi went on a rampage killing innocent Hindus and destroying the properties.

Dozens of Hindus were brutally killed. Even a police officer, Rattan Lal was murdered. An intelligent officer Anikt Sharma was barbarically tortured and killed. Many opposition politicians openly fueled the flames. Mani Shankar Iyer, one of the politicians known for his anti-Hindu rhetoric, gave a speech saying that he is ready to give all the ‘qurbanis’ along with the protesters that are required. “Now let’s see whose hands are stronger — ours or those killers,” he said.

“Neither CAA will remain, nor this government will remain. If these two things remain, then nothing else will remain. Whatever is required for this, the Muslim community is ready… we have already decided… now Hindustan will accept it… you have no option… the decision has already been taken by Shaheen Bagh. Now it’s your choice… whether your grave will be 2 feet or 20 feet deep,” spoke the leader of the anti-CAA protest at Nanded.

VHP of America requests your kind contribution to help the victims and their families who are affected by this barbaric violence. Please keep the victims’ families and the larger society in your prayers.

VHP of America will send the donations directly to a trusted NGO in New Delhi where funds will be distributed to the victims’ families.

Please contribute generously to the New Delhi riot victims. Your donations are tax deductible.

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Renu Rajvanshi Gupta
Vice President, Seva

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