Hindu Temples in North America


Hindu Temples in North America, A Celebration of Life (Also includes Buddhist, Jain and Sikh temples) By Mahalingum Kolapen Photography by Sanjay Kolapen Published by Hindu University of America, Council of Hindu Temples of North America, Titan Graphics and Publications.

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This is an genuine hard bound coffee table book, 13-1/4� X 10-1/4� X 1� in size, superbly produced with glossy colorful pages filled with lucid descriptions in high quality printing, attractive pictures and detailed sketches of as many as 27 modern Hindu temples in North America from Middletown, CT to Livermore, CA and from Austin, TX to Richmond Hill, ON (Canada). Each book is individually sealed in plastic film encased within its own professionally built cardboard packaging.

The book is a treat for any student on Hinduism. It describes the rich heritage behind Hindu festivals in commanding language with the help of scholarly Swamijis, explains the significance of deities and rituals, and superbly illustrates the splendor of the architectural and sculptural details of Hindu temples with breath taking precision.

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