सेवा पत्री (Seva Patri) : July 2018 (Volume 1, Number 3)

By - Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America

Focus of this quarter’s newsletter is on the Support a Child (SAC) institutions visits in Bharat. Some of our USA SAC team members have visited few institutions. We encourage SAC sponsoring families to visit these institutions. SAC team believes this is a great way for us to connect with the roots of our other land Bharat.

Visit to Girl’s Hostel in Harsul, Nashik, Maharashtra by Renu and Arun Gupta

We visited a Girl’s Hostel in Harsul, a beautiful hilly scenic place in the interior of Nashik district. This hostel is home to 103 girls studying from 5th grade to 12th grade. Hostel has a “Computer Room” with ten desktop computers and a library and also a “Tailoring Center”, where women from neighboring villages come to learn tailoring so that they can earn some money to support their family. This hostel has two wardens who live there with girls 24/7 plus four fulltime workers for cooking and cleaning. I was very impressed by the bookkeeping of the hostel. The warden of hostel maintains several registers for attendance, students’ database, tracking supplies purchases and inventories etc. There is big compound of hostel and has two buildings. There are four large halls, 25+ girls live in each hall. The property of each girl is one box, where they keep clothes and personal belongings, one short book cabinet, where they keep books and one mattress to sleep. So the whole hostel is very simple but clean and impressive. I found girls feel very much at home in this hostel.

In spite of all the adversaries in this tribal area, there are tremendous athletic capabilities in the girls in the area. This area has produced world-class athletics such as Kavita Rout, who won medals in Commonwealth and Asian Games. Kavita used to practice running without shoes in the hostel compound. Like Kavita many girls living in the hostel are great gymnasts competing at the state level. We saw superb performance of rope climbing and gymnastics. Many girls from Harsul hostel compete at state and national level; we hope to see more Kavita Routs.

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