What's in a Youth/Family Camp?

Weeklong youth camps in several regions of the country. Each camp draws approximately 50 to 200 participants, which include youths as well as their parents and guardians.

Camps encourage interaction among youths through sports and games, thereby making them aware that the challenges faced by them in maintaining their Dharma are shared by many of their peers as well.

Camps also enable attendees to familiarize themselves with various aspects of Hindu culture which include yoga, meditation, traditions, rituals, scriptures and much more.

Overall atmosphere in such camps fosters a strong sense of fraternity amongst the participants. This in turn helps them to lead their lives as confident, proud and assertive Hindus in their later years.

Sample Youth Camp Daily Routine

6:30 am Wake Up Call
7:00 am Yoga, Meditation
8:30 am Breakfast, Free Time
10:00 am Education Class - Spiritual
11:00 am Education Class - Academic
12:00 noon Lunch
1:00 pm Library
1:30 pm Project, Arts/Crafts/Dance/Music
2:30 pm Water Front, Swimming/Canoeing
4:00 pm Snack
4:30 pm Games
6:00 pm Free Time
6:30 pm Aarti
7:00 pm Dinner
8:30 pm Cultural
9:30 pm Milk and Cookies
10:00 pm Lights Out
10:30 pm Safety Check


Dinesh & Nayana Modh:; 516-935-0002
Shivaram Sitaram:; 301-602-5482

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